Wolves matchworn shirts

           Match worn shirt 2003/04 - Premier League








Trademark long sleeves and squad signed 2003/04 Premier league matchworn shirt.Superbly signed as shown below.






Matchworn Premier League shirt.


Worn against Tottenham Hotspur on 6th December 2003.



Short sleeved shirt in excellent condition





Supplied by Wolves Fc at end of season dinner May 2004. Comes with his matchworn socks and shorts.Worn in the Premier League. 



Supplied by Wolves with club certificate of authenticity also signed by Luzhny.






Great story behind this shirt but sadly we will never know if it is true !

Known about it for last 3 years or so and spent those years trawling through the internet,programmes,books etc trying to find the picture that would prove it.

He wore long sleeved shirt twice and short sleeved once but was down on team sheet as number 8 each time.

However,after 3 years of searching the net we have been unable to find a picture of the back of the shirt he was wearing in any of the games

Worn in the reserves in 2003/04,this was supplied to the former owner as matchworn by Paul Gascoigne from an impeccable source.

Shirt came with his matchworn boots that I have been able to verify as genuine and definately worn by Gazza in the 3 reserve games he played.