Wolves matchworn shirts

                              Home shirt 1990/92






Very rare shirt having been worn for just the first couple of months of the 1990-91 season before Scoreline went bust and Bukta came in and saved the day.






Steve Bull matchworn shirt 1991-92. Taken off his back and thrown to the South Bank at the final whistle v Middlesbrough on 2nd May 1992.

No idea why there are no football league arm patches but the video below and the photo above prove beyond doubt that for that game at least they didn't have them on the shirts.


<iframe width="603" height="339" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SUgvkR6kVy0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


From the days when players wore a shirt game after game,the goodyear logo is faded and a few pulls here and there but overall excellent condition for a 23 year old well worn shirt.




Shirts from this era showed many differences from the replicas,most importantly the heat pressed numbers,embroidered Bukta & crest.






Matchworn with trademark long sleeves,signed & dated



Embroidered Bukta and wolf head,one of my favourite Wolves shirts



Embroidered Bukta and wolf head,one of my favourite Wolves shirts



Superb match worn shorts from 1990/92 Bukta,wolf head and WWFC all embroidered. Also got the matching socks.



Reserve worn shirt



 1990/92 matchworn shirt by unknown player. Full player specification,Bukta numbers,embroidered team crest and Bukta to chest. Replica shirts were smaller Bukta in raised felt.




 Signed x 17 including Steve Bull,Mark Venus,Mike Stowell,Paul Jones,Andy Mutch,Robbie Dennison.