Wolves matchworn shirts

                                 Home shirt 1977                                 





The cover star of 'they wore THE SHIRT' and voted the favourite Wolves shirt ever in a poll carried out on social media.




1977-79 winter heavy cotton shirt,matchworn and unwashed.







One of the rarest and most valuable shirts in my collection. Originally supplied by John himself ,this had been stored in a suitcase in the loft for the last 30 years and the condition is excellent and easily the best I have ever seen from this era.




John wore the numbers 8,9 & 10 throughout this period but only wore this shirt once. 



Caught up with John at a 1980 reunion dinner in March 2013 and he confirmed that he had originally supplied the shirt and that it had been worn just the once. 



 Signed on the front, badges embroidered & number machine stitched.




 Close up of Umbro badge and label shown below.




When I started the matchworn collection 3 years ago I never thought for one minute I would own a shirt of this quality yet now I have two.



Umbro 1977/79 shirt, still in excellent condition for a 38 year old shirt