Wolves matchworn shirts

                                    Early 1900's home






Thought to be the oldest Wolves shirt in existence along with the Cup Final shirt in the museum.



Recently verified at a memorabilia roadshow at Molineux ( July 2016) the valuation given can be found at the link below




Purchased in May 2016 from a bric-a-brac shop in Alberta Canada.

The proprietor of the shop had done a house clearance for a deceased member of a family who had moved from the Midlands in the 1950's. Found packed and preserved carefully in the loft,this shirt is in pristine condition.


The owner of the shop spent 2 years trying to find out what sport it was from,originally believing it to be an old ice hockey shirt. After much research of every sport he came across a drawing of an old Wolverhampton Wanderers shirt,the only team in World sport to wear a shirt like this at that time.

He was put in touch with me through a social media request for help in identifying it.



 Having handled the early shirts in the Wolves museum I knew straight away it was the real deal,material,feel,weight but more importantly the stitching and neck cord,both identical to the 1908 shirt.

This was confirmed when I met up with Pat Quirke the curator of the museum and leading Wolves historian. We held the shirt next to the display cabinets holding both the 1908 and 1921 cup final shirts and the match was good on both but the colour was spot on with the 1908.



Picture above is of the shirt under normal light conditions showing a close up of the stitching and below is a close up of the 1908 cup final shirt in the museum.